Guidelines for authors

Writing, Submission and Publication of Articles

1)      All articles published in Bordón Journal are subject to a process of double-blind peer review by external evaluators. If a significant difference of opinion should arise between the two peer evaluators, the Editor may request a third external evaluation.

2)      Articles submitted for publication must be original works and must not be simultaneously submitted to another publication. Failure to comply with this requirement will be considered a serious breach of trust and will result in being barred from any future publication in Bordón Journal.

3)      Code of Ethics for Publication.  As a result of the historical ties linking the Sociedad Española de Pedagogía (Spanish Pedagogical Society) and the Journal Bordón with the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC – the Spanish National Research Council), the Sociedad Española de Pedagogía had adopted the Code of Good Scientific Practices  (Código de Buenas Prácticas Científicas)   approved by the CSIC in March of 2010. Consequently, articles published in Bordón must comply with the ethical principles and criteria of this Code of Ethics (available in English and Spanish at the following website:

4)      Language of publication: Bordón accepts original articles in English and Spanish, which will be published in the language in which they are submitted. Articles in Portuguese may also occasionally be accepted, but the authors must first get in touch with the secretary of the publication.

5)      Articles may only be submitted through the Platform for Journal Management “RECYT”, which is run by the Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundación de Ciencia y Tecnología) whose website is: New users (authors or reviewers) are provided with guidelines on the journal website which will guide them in the process of registering for the first time.

6)      All articles must avoid any mention of the author(s) of the same and avoid information in the article (self-references in the text and bibiliography) and in the labelling tabs of the author (which Word creates automatically in the Archive menu).

7)      The Editorial Board will ensure that articles turned in comply with the formal criteria and the editorial policy of Bordón. If submissions fail to meet these requirements, they will automatically be rejected. If they comply, they will then  be submitted to double-blind peer review, in compliance with the evaluation criteria of Bordón Journal (see Evaluation Criteria).

8)      Once an article has been evaluated, the Director of Bordón or the person acting on his/her behalf will inform the authors of the decision made by the reviewers, who may request corrections or revisions both of form and content before accepting it for publication. The authors will then have a maximum period of  one month to resubmit the article with the suggested revisions.

9)      The articles should be submitted in Word format and should not exceed a maximum length of 6,500 words (not including the translation of the abstract and keywords).

10)   The Author File will be turned in as a separate document and will be uploaded to the platform as an attachmet which must NOT activate the command “Share File with Reviewers”. It will include the following information:

a.Title of the article.

b.Authors, in the order in which they appear in the publication.

c.For each author: Name and Surname, professional associations, job post or job rank, postal mailing address, landline and mobile telephones, email address and short curriculum vitae describing the last 5 years of professional activity (maxiumum 5 lines).

d.Author who will serve as contact person for news and instructions regarding review, revision and publication of the article.

11)   Submissions should be sent in a document with consecutively numbered pages, which must conform to the following structure:



c. ABSTRACT IN SPANISH (between 200 and 300 words in IMRD format). Articles which do not comply to this requirement will be rejected. The IMRD format (Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion) must be used in both English and Spanish versions, as outlined in the Editorial Policy. These four words (INTRODUCTION. METHODOLOGY. RESULTS. DISCUSSION.) will appear in CAPITAL letters within the body of the abstract, followed by a period.

d. KEY WORDS: Between 4 and 6 keywords from the ERIC Thesaurus should be used to tag the article, and they should be translated into Spanish.


f. KEY WORDS, taken from the ERIC Thesaurus.


h. FOOT/END NOTES (if present).


j. TABLES, GRAPHS or CHARTS should be included in Word format, and should appear within the article in their correct location, with corresponding captions and keys.   If other formats are used (images in formats such as jpg, tif, etc.), they should be attached as separate files, and their position in the article clearly indicated. These images must have adequate sharpness and be in greyscale.

k. Only the authors of those articles which are finally accepted for publication will be asked to translate the title, abstract, and keywords into French. Authors will have one week to turn these in.

12)   A translation of the abstract in any of the Spanish state´s co-official languages (Catalan, etc.) may also be included along with the one in Castilian Spanish.

13)   EXPLANATORY NOTES should be numbered with superscript and included at the end of the article under the heading “Notes”.

14)   Text references, and final bibliographic references, exact quotes, etc., should conform to the last edition of the APA norms. Please recall that it is compulsory to include any DOI (Digital Object Identifier) whenever it is used.

15)   The galley proofs for articles accepted for publication will be sent for revision to the author who is the designated contact person. They must be returned within three days to the publisher of the journal. Corrections may under no circumstance imply significant revisions of the original text.

16)   Each author will receive an electronic copy of the edition of Bordón Journal in which his or her article is published, and must respect the post-publication embargo period of the journal.

17)   Book Reviews whose date of publication may not be prior to the year previous to the date of submission (that is to say, if an article is submitted in 2014, the book may not have been published before 2013), must also be sent exclusively through “RECYT,” the Platform for Journal Management, by selecting the section for book reviews (not as an article).  They must conform to the following structure:

a. Last names of the author of the book, initials (Year of publication). Title of the book. City of publication, Publishing Company, number of pages of the book.

b. Book Review up to a maximum of 900 words.

c. Name and Surnames of the author of the book review.

d. Reviewer Information (name, email address, postal address and job title).

18)  The Editorial Board reserves the right to make the necessary modifications in order to comply with the abovementioned norms.

19)   Members of the Sociedad Española de Pedagogía (Spanish Pedagogical Society) or those who become members within a month of the acceptance of their article will have priority for publication.


Privacy Statement

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