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Portada BORDÓNBordon. Revista de Pedagogia (ISSN 0210-5934), the publication of the Spanish Pedagogical Society, published continuously since 1949. Originally a monthly publication until 1973, it is now published quarterly.

It is a scientific journal in the field of education and gives a humanistic and universal view as an aid for education professionals. The purpose of Bordon is expressed in its presentation article (Issue 1, Year 1, May 1949), highly significant for the cultural moment of the times, and in which it makes this brief statement:

“We are attempting to provide a service to education in Spain and even worldwide. As grand as our intention may be, we still believe in simplicity.  We are not upset by the risk of failure; if Bordón only becomes of interest in the world of culture and education, we will thank God for helping us hit the mark; if, however, we were to see that we do know how to achieve our goal, we would calmly but perhaps slightly melancholically allow this newborn journal to die. And perhaps in this presence of possible failure may be found the greatest guarantee of continuity, because it will be for us like a permanent call of alert.”

Bordón. Revista de Pedagogía is present in all the major indices of scientific quality such as the European Reference Index for the Humanities Proquest, Ebsco… Two external reviewers evaluate all its articles, in accordance with the double-blind peer review system.

You can browse the editorial policy, guidelines for authors, impact factor of the journal, etc., on this website:

Bordon. Journal of Education

Publisher: Society of Spanish Pedagogy (SEP)

Abbreviated Title: Bordon

ISSN: 0210-5934 / e-ISSN: 2340-6577

Frequency: Quarterly

Former Titles: Bordon (1949-1983 y 1990-2000) y Bordon. Journal of Educational Orientation (1984-1989)

Starting Year: 1949

Country: Spain

Languages: Spanish and English

Web Journal: /

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