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Portada BORDÓN

ISSN: 0210-5934

ISSN-e: 2340-6577

Edited by the Spanish Society of Pedagogy  –

Frequency: Quarterly

Previous titles: Bordón (1949-1983 and 1990-2000) and Bordón. Journal of Pedagogical Guidance (1984-1989)

Bordón. Journal of Pedagogy is a scientific journal in the field of education published by the Spanish Society of Pedagogy. Since its foundation in 1949, Bordón aims to cover a multidisciplinary scope for the exchange of ideas and experiences and for shared reflection among all specialties involved in research, pedagogical thinking, and educational action.

It is one of the oldest education journals in Spain (founded in 1949) that has maintained its recognition and prestige continuously since its inception, traditionally receiving a good evaluation in research merit assessments. It has adapted to the rapid evolution of journals, publishing in electronic (PDF, HTML, and XML) and print formats and is indexed in the two most important international databases: WEB OF SCIENCE (ESCI) and SCOPUS (SJR).

Additionally, since 2012, it has held the QUALITY SEAL of Spanish Scientific Journals awarded by FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), the most important and rigorous recognition granted in Spain to journals with proven quality.

Bordón publishes an annual volume divided into four issues on a quarterly basis, released in the quarters of January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December.

Bordón is a founding journal of the Blog of the consortium of scientific education journals Aula Magna 2.0. This blog aims to place at the center of the debate the aspects that determine the quality, excellence, and editorial prestige of the best Spanish and Ibero-American scientific journals in the field of Education.

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Bordón. Revista de Pedagogía

Editada por la Sociedad Española de Pedagogía (SEP)

Director: Luis Lizasoain Hernández

Director (Adjunto): Jesús Miguel Rodríguez Mantilla

Editor Jefe: Enrique Navarro Asencio

ISSN impreso: 0210-5934 – digital: 2340-6577

Periodicidad: Trimestral

Títulos anterioresBordón (1949-1983 y 1990-2000) y Bordón. Revista de Orientación Pedagógica (1984-1989)