RETINDE, Red Transdisciplinar de Investigación Educativa, or Transdisciplinary Educational Research Network, was created as initiative of the Spanish Pedagogical Society when it invited Spanish educational associations and research societies and research networks on education to collaborate in the organization of the XVIth National and VII Spanish-American Pedagogical Congress, held at the Complutense University of Madrid on June 28-30 of 2016.

That year, the Spanish Pedagogical Society invited several scientific and professional associations to actively collaborate in the organization of these congresses, building on its longstanding commitment to provide a forum where educators and pedagogues from diverse backgrounds could exchange mutually enriching experiences outside the confines of their traditional disciplinary fields and daily activities.

Given the success of this collaboration, it was decided during this same congress that this collaboration would be continued in the XVIIth National and IX Spanish-American Pedagogical Congress and that the network of associations would be maintained.

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