The Executive Board of the Spanish Pedagogical Society, having met in an extraordinary session on March 5, 2022, hereby states:

  1. Our deepest indignation over the Russian Federation’s unjustified and illegitimate invasion of Ukraine and their attacks on the Ukrainian population and institutions.
  2. Our concern and pain for the consequences this war is causing in families, children, and Ukrainian society.
  3. Our esteem for the democratic population of Russia who, at great personal risk in some cases, have demonstrated against the invasion in various cities inside the country and abroad, denouncing the dictatorial behavior of President Putin and his entourage and the acts of brutality committed.
  4. Our solidarity with our colleagues from the Ukrainian Educational Research Association (UERA), with whom we share fear toward indifference, trust in the power of knowledge and education, and the need to access plural and veracious information. As a member of the European Educational Research Association (EERA), the Spanish Pedagogical Society shall underwrite any action that may be taken in support of our Ukrainian colleagues in the field of international collaboration.
  5. Our rejection of any participation, within our field of research, of any institutions or official research teams financed by the government of the Russian Federation.
  6. Our readiness to aid Ukrainian researchers who decide to flee from the terror of war and seek shelter in our country and to contribute to their being able to do so in the best conditions possible, facilitating their reception here.
  7. Our willingness to collaborate with Spanish and European agencies and institutions to facilitate the paperwork for displaced Ukrainian children and youth to attend school, and the integration of the university student body.
  8. Our firm stance in defense of human dignity and democratic rights and values, advocating an ethical commitment of educational researchers to actively resist any violation of these values and rights.


March 5, 2022

The Executive Board of the Spanish Pedagogical Society

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