Deadline for submission: November 1st 2018

Guest Editors:

  • Pilar Aramburuzabala (Autonomous University of Madrid. Spain) –
  • Héctor Opazo (Catholic University Silva Henríquez, Chile) –
  • Lorraine McIlrath ((National University of Ireland, Galway) –

Bordon journal invites researchers to present papers that focuses on Service-Learning in Higher Education, to be published in for the volume 71, number 2, 2019.

Service-learning is an educational approach that integrates community service with instruction and reflection. This strategy continues to grow in Higher Education worldwide. The strength of this tool -which is based on experiential learning and an interest in collaborating with others and organizations with needs- is its potential as a transformative social movement. Service-learning facilitates the development of the necessary skills to face the challenges of the new millennium and contribute to the development of stable, peaceful and democratic societies. Among its main components are: active participation of the students, organization of well-structured activities, focus on community needs and coordination between the educational institution and the community, integration into the curriculum, structured reflection, opportunities for applying abilities and knowledge, and development of a helping attitude. These elements promote the development of critical thinking and the social consciousness that converts service activities into transforming experiences, and the students into agents of change with a vision of a more just world who work actively for creating it. S-L is not just a methodology, a teaching-learning technique or a pedagogy, but a movement that revitalizes educational programs and facilitates the implementation of university reforms. Its practice allows university schools to evolve and collaborative processes between teachers and society, creating learning communities that improve the feeling of belonging to the educational community and the surrounding environment.

In this issue, researchers are invited to present studies that aim at promoting and diffusing research on service-learning in Higher Education.


  • Service-learning in Higher Education
  • Service-learning in teacher training
  • Institutionalization of service-learning
  • Assessment of the impact of service-learning on the various stakeholders: members and groups of the community, organizations, mentors, students, Higher Education schools, and tutors
  • Students perceptions of service-learning initiatives and commitment to the community
  • Service-learning response to educational and technological demands of the 21st Century
  • Service-learning research methods
  • Development of a life purpose through service-learning
  • University classifications and social responsibility
  • Controversial issues in service-learning

Bordón publishes articles about researches – not essays –in which the methodology and contributions should be clear. Bordón is looking for articles coming from researches and showing results based on evidence.

The authors should follow the rules of Bordón. Especially the length of the article and the summary, the IMRD (Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion) format and APA style, as well as the international and update references.

Submission guidelines:

If you have any other questions regarding the special issue, please send an email to:


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