The importance of the the Spanish Pedagogical Society and of Bordon Journal are the credentials which allowed us in 1994 to become one of the founding member of the European Educational Research Association –EERAand to currently hold a position on its Executive Committe. As a result, all SEP members acquire the same rights held by EERA members, including membership discounts for annual congresses (ECER).

EERA was founded to promote collaboration among European researchers, between education reasearchers and interantional and non-governmental organizations, and to publicize and highlight the results of research into education. EERA is made up of more than 20 different European national and regional associations devoted to educational research. It is governed by a Council and an Annual General Assembly, and its academic fields are grouped into about 25 subjects.


The World Education Research Association –WERA is a non-profit non-governmental  organization which was officially founded on April 18th, 2009 in a meeting held in San Diego, California by 24 national, regional and international associations specialized in educational research.

Spanish Pedagogical Society is a founding member of WERA, which currently groups 27 national, regional and international specialist associations founded with academic and scientific aims. Member associations are resolved to work together to address such issues as building capacity and interest in education research, advancing education research policies and practices, and promoting the use and application of education research around the world. WERA aims to undertake initiatives that are global in nature and thus transcend what any one association can accomplish in its own country, region, or area of specialization. One of its foremost commitments is to reachout to new associations and academic schools of thought specializing ineducational research in countries or regions that do not possess suchassociations. The founding members of WERA were:

    1. All India Association for Educational Research
    1. American Educational Research Association
    1. Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores Negros
    1. Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Educação
    1. Australian Association for Research in Education
    1. British Educational Research Association
    1. Canadian Society for the Study of Education
    1. Consejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa
    1. Education Association of South Africa
    1. Educational Research Association of Singapore
    1. Educational Studies Association of Ireland
    1. European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction
    1. European Educational Research Association
    1. European Science Education Research Association
    1. German Educational Research Association
    1. Hong Kong Education Research Association
    1. Japanese Educational Research Association
    1. Korean Educational Research Association
    1. Malaysian Educational Research Association
    1. Netherlands Educational Research Association
    1. Nordic Educational Research Association
    1. Pakistan Association for Research in Education
    1. Scottish Educational Research Association
    1. Sociedad Española de Pedagogía
    1. Sociedad de Investigación Educativa Peruana
    1. Taiwan Education Research Association
    1. Turkish Educational Research Association